Why do some women achieve their dreams in life and some others don’t?

According to the author, counsellor and image consultant, Adenike Owolabi, life is a journey – A journey that can lead you into a place of power, success, influence and fulfilment – your place of beauty – if you go with the right guide and map. Beauty Preparations presents the vital beauty processes and preparatory stages you need to know to become a “Winning woman.”

It shines a powerful light on your inner beauty of as a woman and the preparation processes to discovering your path and achieving extraordinary results  and success in life as a woman.

You will discover:

  • Your identity, build a vision, maximize your assets, leverage relationships, quit self-limiting beliefs and grow amid the processes and journey of life.
  • How to deal with identity crisis, create a vision for your life and discover your distinctiveness as a woman – no matter where you are.
  • How to harness the power of self-discipline in becoming a winning woman..
  • How to be intentional in the journey to your place of beauty.
  • How to build relationships that will fast track your success.
  • How to pay the price for success on the road to your place of beauty.
  • How to retrace your wrong steps and recover from setbacks in your journey into your place of beauty.

Every page is an indication that preparation in every stage of life is a necessity. When people stay stuck in a process beyond the expected time, it can be related to inadequate preparation. You don’t climb higher than you prepare to climb. Dig out your golden path on earth and beyond to successfully walk through your growth processes in life.

Hone your path by discovering your beauty processes to becoming a winning woman today!

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