When it comes to writing a blockbuster book, there are a myriad of advice you can get on that. But it is also practical to understand the common pitfalls that tend to ensnare story writers.


Always keep your basic narrative arc in mind and go with the flow. Even when it comes to creative writing, it’s important to consider the technical side of storytelling, pacing out character development and building toward the climax of the story.

  1. DON’T SWITCH POINT OF VIEWS: Pick a point of view and stick with it. If you’re writing in the third person or first person, keep that perspective throughout the whole novel. Just keep your narrative point of view consistent.
  2. DON’T CREATE BORING CHARACTERS: Your characters will take the reader on a narrative journey, so devote time to character development to make them believable. Ask yourself who they really are and flesh them out with a rich inner life in order to make them three-dimensional. Create backstories for both main characters and secondary characters. A backstory might not make it into the novel, but it will help inform your writing as you develop character arcs. Every character can be made interesting and imbued with depth, whether they’re main characters, love interests, foils, or bad guys.
  3. DON’T EDIT ALONE: When you are done writing, do several rounds of self-editing. Start shaping the story and fix typos and grammar on your own. After that, though, you’ll want to hand your novel over to a professional editor. You will need to determine what kind of editor you need—a developmental editor will help with overall structure and content, while a copy editor will work on words and sentences. Know your novel’s word count so you can create a budget for editing.
  4. DON’T QUIT: Stand up, go for a walk, take a break. But whatever you do, don’t quit your novel. Everything you need is already available inside of you: creativity, dedication, and commitment. Never procrastinate, never lose sight of what made you start writing in the first place.
  5. DON’T BELIEVE THAT YOU WON’T GET BETTER: Your first draft may not be the best, your second one probably will too. But, have faith that it will get better, because just like most things in life, the more you do it the more you improve. Writing a book is like creating a perfectly chiseled sculpture and the first chapter is the lump of clay that sits on the art table. The second chapter you may turn that blob into a boxy or circular shape, but it will still have no true form. It takes working and reworking the clay to create a masterpiece. You might also want to try writing your first few chapters on your own to see how they turn out, and then maybe also incorporate the use of one these writing apps or the abundance of others available for free, or purchase. The use of writing with an application designed to make you more conscious of how you write can potentially help you improve your writing styles much more quickly.

Written by Olamide Omogbehin.

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