Tiger Woods: Never Say Die Spirit

The world was agog to behold one of the greatest comebacks in the world of sports, if not the greatest, when Tiger Woods won the Masters Tournament on April 14, 2019, at Augusta, Georgia.

Tiger Woods had been coping with life eleven years before the grand style resurgence in 2019.  He had a scandal which claimed his marriage, suffered back surgery, lost brand endorsements and was admitted in the rehab for losing sanity. These challenges were detrimental and devastating for any man born of woman, including celebrities that we usually think are gods. In reality, no one would have ever thought that Tiger Woods had passed through that kind of horrible phase of life. He experienced a drought!

The first message to get from here is that life can attack anyone, but how you fight back is vital to your victory. The drought of life could be sickness, debts, divorce, loss of job, poverty, rejection and disappointment. This is equally referred to as wilderness of life in which nobody sees your efforts again. You might have been written off and forgotten, but the honest question is: Have you written yourself off?

Tiger Woods was actually in the wilderness in those eleven years of his life, recuperating personally and professionally. He was training himself to be a winner once more. When you are in your own wilderness, what do you do? Do you fold your arms and only wish for miracles? Or train hard to gain momentum and stand aloft again on the stage of play?

Examining Tiger Woods reveals to us one quality which is also found in a tiger. A Tiger is the biggest specie of the cat family. It is known for willpower, courage and strength. The hind legs of a tiger are longer than the forelegs which are used to leap forward distance up to 10 meters.

This is important and likened to hindsight. Hindsight is understanding a situation or event after it has happened. This is called experience or knowledge. In a nutshell, whatever you have achieved in the past or going through now should be utilised as a motivation for you to triumph in any situation in life. It should be utilised for your manifestation.

Insight and foresight are crucial to our success in life, but hindsight is also key. This is how you respond to life which Tiger Woods just displayed for the whole wide world to see. We should all learn to take charge of our lives now. Make victorious history with your life, and let the world ask, “We know Tiger Woods, but who is this fearless Tiger emerging again?”

Let this message sink into your consciousness, that you can come out again from your drought. You are the only person that can rebirth yourself. Train your mind again for victory and see yourself win more trophies in life.


Biodun Busari is a creative and content writer with a penchant for political, social and economic matters in the society. He is the author of a motivational book – The Election Goldmine and a novel – After the Dark Clouds. He is a Geography graduate from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Biodun lives in Lagos.




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