“SUCCESS” is a word everyone wants to be associated with. Success is a friend to everyone as all desire to be successful. It is often said that, “Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.” Success has a larger-than-life image. It has a glittering and attractive exterior but most people do not know the harsh reality that goes on ‘behind the scenes.’ Many are not aware of the toil, pain, labour and hard work that goes in to give success the ‘glitter’ it is known for.

Success is tough, rough and not for the weak & faint-hearted. It is for those who know there is a price to pay and are willing to do so. It is not for those who indulge in fantasy or day-dreaming, but for those who are ready to confront their worst fears and inner demons in order to bring their dreams to reality.

Success is not in mere cheap talks, but in result-oriented actions that give credibility to one’s claim. Results that the world can see and applaud, testifying that this is success indeed.

So, for those who believe that success is for everyone, think again!!! It may glitter, it may sparkle and it may draw the gaze of all, as the compelling results are far too irresistible. But for those who know, the outward appearance of success is actually built with the sweat and blood of those who labour, sacrificing rest, sleep and pleasures to achieve all that others can see.

Success is for those who have known failure but are not satisfied with it. Success is for those who know failure is but a stepping stone and stronger motivation to succeed. Success is for those who dare to break the status quo and do something the world has never seen. Success is for those who are not satisfied with being average, mediocre and do not make excuses for failure. Success is for those who do not just live to dream but live their dreams. Success is for those who believe ‘impossible’ is just a word for the dictionary. It is for those that dare to challenge realms others are only content to just gaze at.

When next someone achieves real success, please understand that grit, determination, sweat and unrest have gone into achieving that which what many can see. And you should know that success is a two-way street: If you are willing to pay the price, then you will be able to walk upon the road of success. It is as simple as that.


Written by King Femi Oshinaike


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