The Perfect Star

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The perfect star,

is the shines and smiles
of pleasure and delight,
amid the strides and glides of life.

I have seen you smile amid pain,
shine amid strive,
engage enormous drive to thrive,
And blaze a million times to stand out.

That’s a strength, rare and strong as life.
That’s a virtue, treasured by earth.
A leap rocked by the droves of sheep,
yet a blend of light and cheer.

Gentle dove,
the reflection of a perfect birth,
on a perfect day,
I have one thing to say:
You are the blazing star God calls: ‘Perfection.’

Soar high as a goldmine of the kingdom
Learn its pace as you run beyond the random.
Your day stirs a spark of peace,
paints the world with beautiful glisters of joy,
glamour, craft, and creativity.

Today, we celebrate a shining star
Happy birthday, Perfect star!

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