The Hero’s Born

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The ecstasy of today,

Is the beauty of your born.
The salience of your flight,
is the reminiscence of your existence.

The music of your quintessence,
Chants of your charms and sixth sense,
Favour of your succession,
and lyrics of your moderation.

Whilst the four walls of the earth
celebrates your birth,
the anatomy of nature presents you
as the perfect pyramid of creation.

The glory of your born
is the story of your splendor,
the light of your humour,
and ardor of your threshold.

Everyday is a reflection of today,
The valour of your being,
the apple-tree you beseech,
and rainbow shell that paddles your comfort.

Let the violins make its noise,
and the saxophone play its keys,
as the music of a king born today begins,
the voice of grace and light celebrates the hero’s inn.

Happy birthday to an amazing giant!

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