Sermon on The Mount: Separated for Celebration

Abram could not sleep, he pondered on the conversations he had earlier with his Immortal Friend – Yahweh. That was rather an unusual world class deal – become a lifelong celebrity and a patriarch of nations. What that translated to was that he would soon have wealth, fame, and a better, blessed name on a platter of trust. The condition attached to the offer was hinged on trust. He had to forsake his kinfolks and settle in an unknown but certain land; which Yahweh had prepared for him. That’s a hard nut to crack!

He was stuck in between two options: To remain a local champion by living with his pagan family or pitching his tent with God to become a global legend.

As he approached his wife, Sarai, who was fast asleep in her tent, he trusted that Yahweh could not lie. He woke her up and explained the details of the matter to her. Sarai consented. She was not only a good helpmate; she was ally in the fulfillment of purpose of God for his life. He assembled his caucus of helpers of destiny as they saddled their beasts for the journey at the dawn, assuring them the separation was for celebration.

There are many lives in deficiencies and inadequacies of life because they do not trust God enough to obey Him. Many still cling to what God detests. Friend, you will not know the full measure of grace and blessing of God upon your life until you heed totally to all His instructions. God is always calling out for fresh celebration, but separation is key.

We talk about father Abraham today because he heeded the call of God that says, “Leave…and I will make you…” (Genesis 12:1, 2).

Great and blessed men across the universe are always first separated before they are celebrated. The separation is spelt out divinely to make them a unique person for their generation. Before you are celebrated, you have to be separated from a particular filthy behaviour, conventional habit, customary attitude, religious defiance; or some conclave of friends or bloc of associates. In few cases, they might not really be sin, yet they pose a threat to our success and progress because they  are characteristically designed to limit us, since they are not in alignment with God’s plan.

When Jesus was forming his clique of friends in the ministry, he did the same for Peter and others. Jesus told Peter in the Book of Matthew, “Follow me…and I will make you…” There was a need for Peter to be separated, so he commanded him to leave his nets and follow him. The most important lesson to deduce from this is that God will make you only when you trust Him wholeheartedly as in the case of Abraham and Peter. The process of making into greatness begins with trusting God to separate you from the norm, and then celebration will follow.


Biodun Busari is a creative and content writer with penchant for political, social and economic matters in the society. He is the author of a motivational book – The Election Goldmine and a novel – After the Dark Clouds. He is a Geography graduate from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Biodun lives in Lagos.

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