Review of The Parable of The Box

The eminence of parables is the lessons we learn that sometimes never leave the four walls of our hearts. The Parable of The Box by Leke Alder is a 12-page book that wraps its tales and lessons with a sweet savour of leavened bread that would leave you chewing every word until the last crumb settles in your belly.


Leke ALder refers the box to the limitations of the mind and reveals the nebulous traits of the box to humanity.


“The box sees you,

The box hears you,

The box prophesies,

The box keeps you in your comfort zone,

The box speaks…It tells you to give up trying,

The box kills.”


The box seems to be the double trouble in the human race. Those who have refused to break the barriers set by the box have ended up with cuts that has kept them tied to its bones of slavery. To save men from its obscurity, Leke Alder shares three laws that can get you out of the box.


“NOTHING IS POSSIBLE. If you think nothing of yourself, you cannot come up with

great ideas. You’ve got to have self-esteem or nothing will be possible.


SOMETHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. If you don’t think through on how to execute your idea,

the idea will fail. That “something” in your head will become impossible.


NOTHING BRINGS NOTHING. If you don’t move to execute your ideas, you will get

nothing in return.”


Quite an interesting read! The kind that may leave the shivers of goose bumps underneath your skin.


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