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Premium Internship Program

The Pen Minds is a premium Ghostwriting firm that specializes in creating strategic and top-quality contents for organizations and clients interested in growing their audience and businesses.

The Pen Minds internship program is to enhance your writing skills and help you become a goldmine in the writing industry.

Your internship with us is for a year and requires strict compliance to the terms and conditions of the organisation.

We shall expose you to a content schedule and unique writing projects that would drill and engage you in frequent writing.

We understand your ambition as a writer and wish to scribble your thoughts on social platforms beyond the paper to acquire recognition in the writing industry. Hence, The Pen Minds is set to help you to transform your dreams into reality!

We have great scope for you in hand – from Article writing to Book writing, Blog/Social media Content writing, Scriptwriting, Sales copies, and other creative pieces – Our company offers various options for enhancing your skills.

Why Choose Us?

We understand time value. Come with your commitment and readiness to learn, and our team will take you through a process that would enable you to rise as an asset to your campaign.

Let’s take the burden of trying to build your writing career alone off you, Sign up for a one-year internship program with The Pen Minds and become the goldmine you desire!