It is natural for man to hustle for success, but sadly for many a man in his pursuit to succeed by all means has slaughtered his own conscience to the extent of abusing law and order. In some desperate, callous moves, a lot of people are ready to maim and defame others literally and metaphorically for them to get what they want. This is the kind of lifestyle that daily throws our society into turmoil, despite rules and regulations put in place to guide us.

Interestingly, locusts, in their desire to survive, however, do not live indecent life. They appear to be weaklings, but the scriptures affirm that, “Locusts – they have no king, but they march in formation.” This has nothing to do with the religion of worshiping gods or deities to do the right thing. It is rather a total definition of decency and orderliness in all that matters to their survival.

The lesson to be learnt from this is that as men that define questions and seek solutions for our productivity on a daily basis, decency should be our signature at all times. This is not negotiable as we are social beings who should show concern in the comfort and convenience of others.

Locusts have no king means there are no laws, rules, regulations or instructions directing their behaviors. They go about their business of life without supervision from superior officers or monitoring agents, yet they deem it fit to apply decorum and tranquility in the face of survival. Whereas, men in this generation have social, political, professional and religious laws to monitor them, and still go-ahead to take law into their own hands.

The wisdom comes to town boldly to remind us that success is still possible and achievable without arrogance to the law of the land. Social etiquette and courtesy that we have to uphold and observe should not be overlooked or neglected. Our society still values politeness in greetings, maintaining queues in public places, arguing reasonably without insults and other virtues that promote peace among us.

You have been designed to succeed; therefore, crooked means and wicked methods are not needed. Passion, synergy and focus are attributes of locusts, but as hungry and thirsty as they are in their desires, they never advance without decorum. Decency is the bottom line of their success.

The focus of this piece aligns with a quote by Abdulazeez Henry Musa, that, “Decency is judged by our actions not by our words.” As we devise various principles, methods, strategies and mechanisms to attain success this year and beyond, decency should not only be our watchword, it must reflect in us as a lifestyle.

About the author: Biodun Busari is a creative and content writer with a penchant for political, social and economic matters in the society. He is the author of a motivational book – The Election Goldmine and a novel – After the Dark Clouds. He is a Geography graduate from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Biodun lives in Lagos.


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