JOAN: The Beauty Of Grace


The profound question: “Has God gone soft?” is one to ponder on, as the God presented in the Old Testament, ever quick to judge and punish differs from the God presented in the New Testament… One seeking a relationship with the people.

The author shares in-depth and scriptural truths that reveal why Christ was concealed in the Old Testament but revealed in the New Testament.

In the old covenant, God was not ultimately revealed to the people. This was because of the limitations of the angels, mediators, prophets, and even the laws of the covenant. Hence, the revelation of God presented by the angels, Moses, the prophets, and the law is little to compare to the precise and accurate revelation of God presented by Jesus, who is ultimately the clear revelation of God! 

John Oyinloye did a comprehensive work in sharing eye-opening truths that would leave you with a thirst to uncover each page till the end. 

Reading every page of Joan: The Beauty Of Grace divulges the beauty of Christ and the depth of God’s love – such endless love, ever forgiving heart and never condemning attitude is one to revere.

Seeing the depth at which God’s love is explained in the book brought tears to my eyes. Indeed, the love of God is unquantifiable.

This book is a must-read for everyone who desires deep and intricate truths about the revelation of God.

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