Entering the market place called social media

When I started this social media thing, I spent a lot of my time making random posts and entertaining myself without focus until I stepped back and observed how it works.

Recently, I also noticed that whichever way you turn there will be one advert following you from Facebook to Instagram down to twitter like a monitoring spirit calling you to buy else it won’t leave you.

Almost every merchant site you go to have a way of capturing your social media footprints and shopping preference. Thus, they use that to trace you across multiple platforms.


What does this tell you?

While we laugh, play or argue over sense or nonsense on social media, some people are cashing out big time on us even in the lock-down. At least if you don’t buy from the ads, you will definitely buy data for you to remain online.

The online space has gradually shifted from being a mere social platform to a business platform.

Failure to understand this might mean losing in on great opportunity to grow your business or brand.

In the past, a lot of big companies never took the social media platform seriously as they invested heavily on television and cable networks, but when they realized the new TV is our phones, they have joined the train to dominate these platforms just as they did with the mainstream media.

But does that mean there are no opportunities for you?

Opportunities abounds if only you will be willing to differentiate yourself and build a brand that will attract your kind of audience or clients.

If you had not really been keen on using social media in growing your brand, you need to start making plans to see how you can monetize the various social media platforms available.

Micheal Opene,

Brand Strategist.

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