“I Am Going To Hell, Sir” – JOAN: The Beauty Of Grace

“I am going to hell, Sir!”

 I was baffled. Why would anyone choose to go to Hell? I confronted him. I still vividly recall the emotion in his eyes and voice when he said, “… It’s too hard, it’s not sure. I’ll rather enjoy my life and go to Hell than keep struggling to live holy and eventually end up in Hell!”


Do you condemn yourself often and do not see the beauty of God’s love and grace? Are you unsure of your salvation or perhaps believe that living a righteous life in Christ is impossible? God is waiting to heal your heart from the pains and past hurts, self-destructive thoughts, condemnation, brokenness, and doubts about His everlasting love.

The book: “JOAN: The Beauty Of Grace” by John Oyinloye

is not just a book of rules and theological concepts, but one full of deep biblical truths, revelation knowledge about Christ’s love and an intimate relationship with God.

The excellent masterpiece clearly presents the Old and New Testament in a comprehensive, precise, and accurate manner that makes it completely different, didactic, yet entertaining. It clears the misconstrued conceptions piled up by a host of hackneyed commentators dispensing half-truths against the need to focus on what is relevant – Revelation knowledge in Christ.

And Yes, the author’s style is easy to follow – clear, precise and direct.

God wants to heal your pain and heart from past hurts, clear your doubts of His love and bring you to a deeper revelation of His Love and Grace. Be encouraged as you uncover the awesome depths of God’s amazing love shared in this book.



A copy of this book is all you need to experience a healing conviction that will revolutionize your life and give you freedom from condemnation, guilt, self-destructive thoughts, shame and fear.

Simply click on the link below to grab your copy now!


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