Happy Birthday to The Harmony of Beauty

Peaceful, yet striking

One of the many or few
with sparkling features
that adorns and elevates
the essence of beauty.

God took His time
to craft your harmonious beauty.
Far above the sun-drenched south or west,
He breathed within you
an irresistible smile of gold.

Like a singing bird,
Your heart is carved
with the sonorous voice of love.
Whilst the aesthetics of nature
expounds your structure

Grace, the paddle of your warmth,
Joy, the garland of your being,
and peace, the language of your speech,
is the tenor of your cheerful celebration, today.

With smokes of joy,
wax of abundance and grace,
flames of fire and gold,
light of peace and bliss
We blow out some candles,
and wish you a merry-filled birthday. Happy birthday to a beauty queen!

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