A ladder is a frame of wood, metal or rope used for ascent and descent. It is a series of stages by which one progresses to a higher or better position.

Life is a journey. As you progress in life, you would face challenges. There would be hills and mountains poising as hurdles on your way to success. And as you overcome one, another is waiting for you ahead, as every stage in life has its own hurdles.

A man who runs away from life hurdles is termed a failure; therefore, you have to overcome. Refuse to stay defeated. Sight the hurdles and climb them. If you fall, try again. Do not quit. And if you can’t climb them on your own, get a ladder to lift you up.

But no matter what, don’t rubbish the ladder that lifted you; because this same ladder might also be the one to bring you down or even lift you up again another time. Be careful not to treat it with disdain, but always cherish and respect it.

Metaphorically, this ‘ladder’ is a person. Someone who assists another to attain a certain height, or achieve a thing. There are certain stages in life we get to by the help of men sent by God. Men through which without them, you couldn’t have gotten to certain places.

Many have become helpless due to wrong attitudes towards their ‘ladders.’ While some have even lost their lives because they had taken their ladders for granted.

Your attitude towards your ladder has a huge role to play in how far you will go in life. Hence, do not rubbish the Ladder.

Written by Materben



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