How You Can Write Your Book from Scratch to Finish

Hello friend, In recent times, more persons have reached us on how they can write a book from scratch to finish in less than 30 days. Hence, we have decided to divide Writing Your Book In 30 Days into four editions . Why? These series would enlighten you on the basic rudiments required to get your book started and completed in 30 days. In these series, we shall share eight… Read More »How You Can Write Your Book from Scratch to Finish

Review of the Power of Meditation

  Is it possible to mentally agree with the word of God and not allow it to transform you? The Power Of Meditation sheds a light on the transformational experience of meditation and paints pictures of hope that enables your heart to see possibilities. You need transformation to fly in 2020 and beyond. Knowledge without transformation is like food without salt. Enjoy the read! Why You Need To Read The… Read More »Review of the Power of Meditation

Review of the Business Day Nigeria Event: Top 100 Fastest-Growing SMEs in Nigeria

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The Business Day Nigeria Event held on the 6th of December, 2019, at Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. The focal theme was: Unlocking Nigerian SME Potentials: the path to economic growth and the role of job creations. You could not have walked into the hall without a sense of serenity. There is no doubt that it was an enlightening event from the session facilitated by executives (particularly Eloho… Read More »Review of the Business Day Nigeria Event: Top 100 Fastest-Growing SMEs in Nigeria

Four things that can motivate your success in 2020!

FOUR THINGS THAT MOTIVATE SUCCESS IN 2020 Life is about strategies, and strategies has to do with planning. In life there is nothing like luck, it is all about hard and smart work. Four things that motivates success in life: Sense of purpose Goals that can level up. Being in control. Sustainability You can’t control what is happening in the world, but you can control what is happening in your… Read More »Four things that can motivate your success in 2020!

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About the Creative Director

As a witty and creative African writer, skilled with bravery, focus, drive, tenacity, and an exceptional ability to stand out, Allwell Victoria has proven herself worthy in her 19 years writing experience. She is the Co-author of a leading book of poise, significance, and style to suit the young mind and address career and business challenges faced by Nigerian and African youths today. As a 9-year-old child, she found pleasure… Read More »About the Creative Director

Welcome to PenMinds

Welcome to PenMinds! Why Select Us? We understand your requirement and provide quality works. Sales and Promotion Beyond creating excellent contents, books, and scripts for you, we help you publish, promote and sell it to the right audience. Unlimited Reviews Our reviews range from books to products, songs, creative works, and movies, etc. Ultimate Perfection We are not just writers, but a professional team of excellence set to always deliver… Read More »Welcome to PenMinds