Have You Ever Heard About Love-Based Copywriting?

  One of the most crucial elements is making sure your mindset is aligned with love and abundance. Author Michelle PW devotes an entire chapter to this later in the book, but for right now I want to cover Internet Marketing vocabulary because understanding the terminology is an important first step. As traditional sales and marketing rely on tapping into fear-based emotions, there are a lot of “dehumanizing” words associated… Read More »Have You Ever Heard About Love-Based Copywriting?

How A Book Changed my Financial Life Forever!

I never liked reading books until I encountered a book on the 21st of June 2020. Before now, I was working as a cashier in a big restaurant in Wuse Zone 5, Lagos State, Nigeria and was earning N30,000 per month. I never liked the job, but then, a man has got to do something to keep moving😃. Even though I had graduated and completed my National Youth Service Corp,… Read More »How A Book Changed my Financial Life Forever!

Why do some women achieve their dreams in life and some others don’t?

According to the author, counsellor and image consultant, Adenike Owolabi, life is a journey – A journey that can lead you into a place of power, success, influence and fulfilment – your place of beauty – if you go with the right guide and map. Beauty Preparations presents the vital beauty processes and preparatory stages you need to know to become a “Winning woman.” It shines a powerful light on… Read More »Why do some women achieve their dreams in life and some others don’t?

The Proposal!

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  The Proposal! Short screenplay by Victoria Allwell The Proposal is a script I find apt, though short, it shows the beauty of making decisions with the heart beyond the calculations of the head.  A king disguises himself as a servant to search for a queen with a great heart who would not love him for his kingship but his personality. He has heard richly of the amazing worth of… Read More »The Proposal!

The Hero’s Born

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The ecstasy of today, Is the beauty of your born. The salience of your flight, is the reminiscence of your existence. The music of your quintessence, Chants of your charms and sixth sense, Favour of your succession, and lyrics of your moderation. Whilst the four walls of the earth celebrates your birth, the anatomy of nature presents you as the perfect pyramid of creation. The glory of your born is… Read More »The Hero’s Born

Happy Birthday to The Harmony of Beauty

Peaceful, yet striking One of the many or few with sparkling features that adorns and elevates the essence of beauty. God took His time to craft your harmonious beauty. Far above the sun-drenched south or west, He breathed within you an irresistible smile of gold. Like a singing bird, Your heart is carved with the sonorous voice of love. Whilst the aesthetics of nature expounds your structure Grace, the paddle… Read More »Happy Birthday to The Harmony of Beauty

The Perfect Star

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The perfect star, is the shines and smiles of pleasure and delight, amid the strides and glides of life. I have seen you smile amid pain, shine amid strive, engage enormous drive to thrive, And blaze a million times to stand out. That’s a strength, rare and strong as life. That’s a virtue, treasured by earth. A leap rocked by the droves of sheep, yet a blend of light and… Read More »The Perfect Star


Book Title: The Parable of The Rich Beggar Subtitle: Mastering the Mindshift from Poverty to Wealth and Gaining fulfilment. Get ready to experience a mind transformation for success. Olaoluwa Fagade, author of “The Parable Of The Rich Beggar” shares the success principles and mind dynamics he has studied, taught and embraced for decades. In this book, you would find practical guides to helping you move from where you are to… Read More »BOOK REVIEW: THE PARABLE OF THE RICH BEGGAR

The Success Story Of Harland Sanders – The Pioneer Of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

With all the rave about achieving success before age 40, one may find it difficult to believe that a person can achieve success at the remarkable age of 60. Colonel Harland Sanders, however, has proven that it is never too late to achieve success. If a man could succeed in business at 60, no one has an excuse to fail.   Success At Age 60! The founder and brain behind… Read More »The Success Story Of Harland Sanders – The Pioneer Of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)