Sarah’s Heartcry – Is God Angry With Me When I Sin ?

I am hell bound!” My life is a wreck! I can’t wait to end it all, God! Sarah screamed at the top of her voice in tears and frustration. “Sarah! Don’t say that. What is wrong with you?” Esther exclaimed, shocked by her friend. “In the last three months, I have committed unforgivable blunders,” she cried more. “I am no longer the saint you used to know, Esther. I slept… Read More »Sarah’s Heartcry – Is God Angry With Me When I Sin ?

WHAT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT THE STATE OF YOUR MIND AND PHYSICAL HEALTH!   “Mental Health” is a term that we have all heard in our lives, and it refers to our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It impacts how we think, feel, and act. It is critical at all stages of life, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. We are often so focused on meeting the physical, intellectual, and… Read More »

JOAN: The Beauty Of Grace

  The profound question: “Has God gone soft?” is one to ponder on, as the God presented in the Old Testament, ever quick to judge and punish differs from the God presented in the New Testament… One seeking a relationship with the people. The author shares in-depth and scriptural truths that reveal why Christ was concealed in the Old Testament but revealed in the New Testament. In the old covenant,… Read More »JOAN: The Beauty Of Grace

“I Am Going To Hell, Sir” – JOAN: The Beauty Of Grace

“I am going to hell, Sir!”  I was baffled. Why would anyone choose to go to Hell? I confronted him. I still vividly recall the emotion in his eyes and voice when he said, “… It’s too hard, it’s not sure. I’ll rather enjoy my life and go to Hell than keep struggling to live holy and eventually end up in Hell!” Hmm! Do you condemn yourself often and do… Read More »“I Am Going To Hell, Sir” – JOAN: The Beauty Of Grace


    Prologue After submitting his last paper to the invigilator, Michael was finally done with junior secondary school. He wouldn’t miss a single bit of all this, like the awkward stares he gets from the girls in his class or the way he has to wake up early to go to school.  There was hustling and bustling along the hallway of his school, students talking here and there. Teachers… Read More »AFTER HIS HEART


  The question to imagine is: Can good copies be sabotaged? Well, we are about to find out, but first, let’s look at what copywriting is about. Copywriting is the brilliant skill of using words to engage and persuade people to take a desired action. Words wield tremendous power and when used the right way, making sales is inevitable. If there is anything you must know, it is this: writing… Read More »5 DEADLY MISTAKES THAT SABOTAGE GOOD COPIES


Personality is something that people tend to think about quite a lot. When we meet new people, whether through work, in school, or at social events, we often focus on their personalities. Whether they are friendly or aloof, outgoing, or shy, whether they are excellent and successful or mediocre. These are a few of the things that we assess as we evaluate the people around us. There are three psychological… Read More »UNDERSTAND YOUR PERSONALITY


VALUES ARE THE VERY CORE of our personality. Your values are what make you the person you are. As within, so without. We live our lives from inside out. Everything you do on the outside is influenced and determined by what is going on inside you whether you know it or not. The greater clarity you have regarding your values within, the more precise and effective will be your actions… Read More »LEVELS OF PERSONALITY – Dotun Arifalo


WHAT ARE VALUES?  Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person that inspire and motivate his thoughts, decisions and actions. It is why we do the things we do. Values are guiding principles that dictate behaviours and help people make judgements about what they accept as right or wrong. Values are standards or ideals with which we evaluate actions, people, things, or situations. They are principles or standards of… Read More »KNOW YOUR TRUE VALUES


  How well do you know yourself?   Self-awareness is a direct product of personal growth or development. Growth in adulthood can be likened to growth in childhood. A child is first born into a world of darkness and ignorance. But as the child learns and grows, he becomes more aware of his environment and of himself and what he is able to do, so it is with adults. When… Read More »THE POWER OF SELF-AWARENESS – DOTUN ARIFALO