After submitting his last paper to the invigilator, Michael was finally done with junior secondary school. He wouldn’t miss a single bit of all this, like the awkward stares he gets from the girls in his class or the way he has to wake up early to go to school. 

There was hustling and bustling along the hallway of his school, students talking here and there. Teachers yelling at the top of their voices, Mr John with his potbelly screaming at the top of his voice for the students to exit the hall. Nonchalant female teachers applied makeup on their old faces and female students readjusted their shirts and skirt in order to look good for the boys. 

“Must girls be this gullible?” He thought.

 Michael paid less attention to all of it. He walked in silence, oblivious to his surroundings, with a smile on his face. He seemed to be in his own world and lost in his thoughts. He imagined his forthcoming trip to the United States. His mum had promised to take him to the states after he completes his JSS3. Time was really slow. He couldn’t wait for the time to read: “Free from Naija, O’clock.” He wanted to be free from the wind that blew in Nigeria.

“Let me finally breathe the fresh air of the United States.” Michael’s thoughts or daydreams seemed endless, with smiles lingering on his lips.

“Are you going home now?” Bayo asked, cutting his blissful moments short. 

“Yes man,” Michael answered.

Adebayo had been his best friend since JSS1 and though he was ‌unserious with school, Bayo was quite a nerd. In JSS3, he became the head boy while Tayo was nowhere to be found among the school prefects, not that he cared anyway. Being a prefect in Victory High school was like being a slave. Each prefect would have to come early to school and organize the students to sweep. The worst of it was becoming the errand dog of those lazy teachers who send the prefects on errands at every leisure time. He wondered what was great about being a prefect, except for the advantage of bullying other students. Maybe he should consider it. Not that he could bully others, though. He seemed aloof and uninterested in everything the school was about. He still hates the fact that the helpless in this school had to suffer whether or not they obey the rules. The prefects always had a way of ‌unleashing their frustrations on the students. 

“Why are you going home now?” He asked.

“Bayo, I am finally free from this hell of a school. I need my bed ASAP,” Michael answered.

Bayo smiled and said, ” yeah sure, you are finally free but we are going to wash today with some drinks and babes. Michael, don’t tell me you don’t want to spend some time with Halima before going back home.

“I think I would reconsider,” Micheal said. 

“It will be nice to have drinks with the guys once more. Don’t worry, man, the drinks are on me.”

“Yes!” Bayo exclaimed, “that’s what I am talking about.”

” Bayo, you have hurt my feelings. I thought you invited me because you wanted to have a good time with me? “, Michael asked, faking a hurt look.

“Man, I love you, but I am only interested in your wallet,” Bayo answered, laughing out loud.

“Yikes! Bayo, don’t you ever say that you love me again? Keep those sappy words of yours for Anita or your other babes,” Michael said playfully.

“Let’s go. The others are waiting for us.” Bayo said, pulling Michael along.

To be continued…

Author: Ayomide Adeola

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