The question to imagine is: Can good copies be sabotaged?

Well, we are about to find out, but first, let’s look at what copywriting is about.

Copywriting is the brilliant skill of using words to engage and persuade people to take a desired action. Words wield tremendous power and when used the right way, making sales is inevitable.

If there is anything you must know, it is this: writing a good copy isn’t bad, but, while good copies may never sell,   great copies always sell.

To write great copies, here are some mistakes you must avoid:

1. Focusing on the features of a product rather than the benefits:

“Here’s what our product can do” and “Here’s what you can do with our product” sound similar, but they are completely different approaches.” — Jason Fried

Features are the description of a product while the benefits are the reasons your customer should purchase a product. People buy benefits, not features. This is because people buy with their emotions and benefits appeal to their emotions. Not that you shouldn’t state the features of your product at all, but don’t make the mistake of making the product features your focus.

Here’s a trick to ensure you focus more on benefits than features: use more “you” than “we” in your copy. For example:

Rather than say: We have many affordable skincare products on our website.
Say: Find skincare products that make you glow and grow your confidence for a price you can really afford!

2. Focusing on yourself rather than the customer:
Surely, there is a place to establish your credibility and authority in a copy but after that, forget about yourself and focus on your customer’s core needs!
No one really cares about you. Your customer really just wants to know what you have in store for them. They want to receive a value in relation to their core needs and care little about your value. Remember, your aim is actually to serve them. Good service begets good sales.

Blair Warren said, “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw a rock at their enemies.”
If your copy does none of these things, then you have a self-sales pitch in your hands.

3. Poor belief in the marketed product:
Like Alex Cattoni would often say, “sell what you love or love what you sell.” 
A huge part of that love is having a strong belief in your product. People buy into your beliefs.
Take your time to do your research on the products you sell, especially if you’re an affiliate marketer. Understand the features and know the benefits. This builds your belief in its ability to produce the right results.
When you have confidence in your products or services, it reflects in your copy and strikes a chord with your customer.

4. Failure to establish trust in Copy:
To establish trust, you must genuinely know and care about your audience. Find out their pain points and help them out.

Your motivation shouldn’t be money. Your motivation should make their lives better. When you add value to others from a place of genuine empathy, the financial value will be your reward for you running after it.

You also build trust by:
● Displaying testimonials that show that you deliver on your promises.
● Showing credibility by showing that you have experience and knowledge in your field.
● Be honest in your dealings with your customers. Don’t over promise and under deliver.5. Inclusion of poor or too many call-to-actions:
A call to action is the next step a marketer wants the customer to take. Be careful not to overwhelm your customer with too many calls-to-action in your copy.

It’s also important that your CTA is clear, strong and precise. A strong call to action is brief and uses strong verbs. They speak directly to the reader or listener and reflect your goal. For example, if your goal is to increase subscriptions, using “join our community” is more effective than a bland “click this link”.
Remember, a good call-to-action increases sales and conversions which is the whole point of copywriting. So don’t underestimate it!That’s all for now! Be sure to avoid these mistakes and trust me, you’ll write better copies. I’ll leave you with this last copywriting nugget:

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” – Leo Burn

Thanks for reading through.

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Author: Igweonu Maryann

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